Replica Rolex Cellini And GMT-Master II Review

Why should replica Rolex always pay attention to Daytona join, Submariner and Datejust when there is still something like the fake Rolex Cellini? A short homage to the underrated collection of the world's most famous replica watch brand.

Benvenuto Cellini

Benvenuto Cellini was born in Florence in 1500. Three of the greatest artists of all time were already living in Italy at this time: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. At the age of 19, Cellini's journey also brought him to Rome. There he won the favor of Pope Clement VII, for whom he cut out a button on his coat, on which the Holy Father was depicted surrounded by angels and sat on a throne made of a powerful diamond.
During the siege of Rome by Connetabel von Bourbon, Cellini helped defend the city from the Castle of Sant'Angelo and thus earned a reputation as an excellent soldier. Then he returned to his hometown of Florence, where the plague reigned. However, the Black Death could not harm the artist and soon after, Cellini returned to Rome.

Indescribable adventures mark the stages of his life, including in France. Unjustly accused of theft, he is imprisoned and released only under the protection of the King of France and Cardinal Ferrara. In 1540, Cellini was invited to Paris by King Francis I and stayed there for five years, showered with favors and honors. He's not afraid to get his hands on monumental sculptures. But the enmity of the influential nobility and rivalry with other artists forced him to return to Italy.

Rolex Cellini Moonphase

The Moonphase version has a white dial, while the six has a blue enamelled moon phase disc. It differs from other disks of the phases of the moon in that it is not only visible in parts in a special window, but always in its entirety. In front of the full moon symbol, which is represented by an applique made from a meteorite rock, is a new moon symbol consisting of a silver circle. A small moon phase indicator at the twelve o'clock position of the moon phase indicator indicates the current moon phase.

The fourth center pointer is used to display today's date on the moon phase model, and the corresponding date scale runs along the very edge of the dial. To control the moon phase function and the date on the center display, the fake watch was equipped with a new automatic movement 3195, specially developed for it. The manufacturer has patented the internal moon phase module developed for the imitation Rolex Cellini Moonphase replica watch. It correctly shows the phase of the moon for the next 122 years.

As is now common in all of the brand's products, the movement is certified as a "superior chronometer" and therefore meets even higher precision requirements than a replica watch tested with a standard COSC chronometer.

Rolex GMT-Master II

While the replica Rolex GMT-Master II reference 16710 is undoubtedly a very popular model, it actually ranks at the bottom of our fifth rankings. This surprised me a lot because this fake watch is one of my favorite replica Rolex models. I must admit that I no longer have copies in my collection, as these luxury replica watches sale have always evoked mixed feelings. The super clone watch is definitely a gem, but when I had one, I always wanted to tweak the settings a little.

The replica GMT-Master watches Swiss Movement is sold in a variety of designs, making it a versatile imitation watch. Sometimes he was in the Oyster group, sometimes in the Jubilee group. Even the latest models are available with both bracelets, although the bezel colors have changed slightly. Models with part numbers starting with “167” are available with a black, blue / red, or black / red bezel. The blue and red bezel version called “Pepsi” is probably the most popular, while the red and black bezel version bears the apt nickname “Coca-Cola”.

To take full advantage of the versatility of the imitaion watch, you can try holding both bracelets and two additional bezels. This is one of the reasons why I love this model so much. I've had a few replica GMT hours over the years. Today I am sorry that I sold the last one, especially if you look at the current prices. Between 2009 and 2014, the average price of a fake GMT Master increased by around 1,500 euros. Since then, prices have nearly doubled.

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